Water Damage

Water intrusion is one of the main contributing factors to building damage, litigation, structural damage, rot, termites and microbial problems that can lead to sick building syndrome. For many, water leaks can be like a plague that just simply will not go away.

Water Damage Cleanup Can help Prevent Mold

Inspection and Estimate

Step 1: SNHE will send over a certified water damage specialist to perform a full damage assessment of the premises.
Step 2: We will collect all relevant information from the homeowner/broker/landlord/business owner regarding the affected/damaged area and perform a visual assessment during the walkthrough of your property to determine suspected growth.
Step 3: SNHE will compile all notes to provide an estimate.

Water Extraction for Water Damage

To extract excessive amounts of water, SNHE uses top of the line equipment to remove water quickly and efficiently to help prevent further damage.
We offer services to aid in relief of water damage by containing and eliminating mold by utilizing state of the art technology.

• Infrared cameras/Aerial/Exterior/Interior
• Moisture meters
• Dehumidifiers
• Anti-microbial treatments
• Certified and experienced crew

Long Lasting Solutions

With water damage comes damage to interior walls, subfloors and flooring. Proper drying methods to relieve moisture is taken. If damage occurs at an excessive amount and mold growth is visual, then containment and removal of interior walls may be necessary.